12 September 2007

Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Well, okay, not the blood or tears, but the sweat. I finally got outside to shoot some hoops tonight for nearly an hour and it felt wonderful. I seriously hadn't played since intramurals got over last...February? March? Hopefully I'll make a habit of shooting around while the weather's still nice and I have to move to the Rec (which I'm not a big fan of...too crowded; and my chain fell off my bike so I'd have to drive or walk there...or fix my chain...). Anyway, hopefully we'll get another Derb team together this year. It definitely won't be the same without Erin around anymore, but it'd still be great, I'm sure.

Five classes today (yuck), and I had my first exam in music250. Unfortunately I forgot we were having a test this week until Mariel mentioned it on Monday, so I didn't get much studying in. I got on the book's website this afternoon and went through the chapter quizzes until I got them all right, and was happy to see our instructor used many of the internet questions on the actual test.

I just enjoyed a tupperware of sugar-free strawberry jello. I make it by the box, only 40 calories in the whole box (if you get sugar-free). It's pretty good. Speaking of calories, sometime between now and the middle of October I have to pick three days to write down how many calories I eat for my biochemistry class. It's always hard to do stuff like that because when you actually go and write it down, I usually tend to purposefully eat healthier on those days it's not embarrasing when I take it to class. Like I love Cracklin' Oat Bran, but a cup of that stuff is a couple hundreds calories. I might opt for something like Rice Krispies those mornings, which is only like 70cal/cup. Um, nah. I don't really want to give up Cracklin' Oat Bran. Sometimes when I'm refilling cereals at work I wish I could just take all those huge bags of it back to my room. I'd eat it for every meal. :-)

Anyway, I went to my Intro to Creative Nonfiction class today and we have a personal essay due in a week. It's supposed to be like six pages long, I think, and our teacher said, "I hope you've started by now." I haven't. I don't even know what to write about. In a personal essay you're supposed to talk about something like your childhood and then reflect on it and analyze it to figure out the true meaning --> how it made you who you are today. We read a lot of examples, but I think the problem is that I'm only 19. My childhood wasn't that long ago and the stuff that did happen that might have affected who I turned out to be, I don't remember very well. I mean, I think it'd be a lot easier when I'm, say, 29 and writing about how my college experiences affected me. Just a thought. I've got to get a couple pages done tomorrow to workshop on Friday in class and then I'm sure I'll be doing the rest this weekend....

Well, pretty good day. My cold is moving from my head into my throat/chest so it's somewhat difficult to breathe and I've already gone through most of my strawberry cough drops. I need to go take a check to the bank sometime, so I should probably pick up more cough drops and Kleenex. The cough drops aren't really for me, I only take them so I'm not annoying my classmates the whole time by coughing. To my classmates: you're welcome. ;-)

All right, I need to go shower. (Sweat...remember?) I don't plan on seeing any blood or tears anytime soon. Btw, it's day 195. Wasn't sure last night was going to be good but yay for a friend willing to pray and hallelujah to a Faithful God. See ya.


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