22 September 2007

Care Package

I feel kind of bad for not writing yesterday. It was kind of busy, though. I went and saw Evan Almighty with Jeremy at the Union for $1 and it was pretty good. I enjoyed it. I like Steve Carell (the Office Season 4 starts Thursday! It's an hour long, so I'll miss it because I'll go to Navs, but my mom is recording it). Today I worked from 7:45am-2pm. I usually have a break between breakfast and lunch but they needed extra help setting up the buffet for lunch so I stayed and helped. It's Family Day today here at KSU so there were quite a few parents/siblings who came to eat at the Derb. I think I must have typed in at least 20 guest passes and made cash sales to 16 customers. We still only had 474 people come through, which was below the 600 expected.

I got a package from my mom today. :-) It might have gotten here yesterday, but I forgot to check my mail. It had a DVD of this movie called Believe in Me about a girls' basketball coach (I'll probably watch it tonight), a mini-bag of popcorn, and one of my favorites: Riesens. If you've never experienced a Riesen, it's this rich dark European chewy chocolate that is pretty stinkin' wonderful. The bad thing is my mom gets the $1 bags from Dollar General for me and they have like 10-12 pieces in them, so I almost always eat them all at once. They're so good though! But seriously...packages in the mail are awesome. Every parent should send them like at least once a month, and preferably containing food that is packaged (not homemade cookies--those are gross after being mailed) and something to read/watch. Those chocolates made my day.

The plan is to go home next weekend since it's fall break. I was stuck here working last year over Fall Break but this year I planned ahead so I wouldn't work that weekend. I am going to a pianist concert at McCain Friday evening and then I'll go home after that. Next Sunday my relatives will be over at my dad's house (I seriously thought it was this weekend and told my dad I couldn't make it...but it's not. It's next weekend. My calendar had Sunday split in two because of the fifth Sunday, and it threw me off) so I'll go over there for the afternoon. Well, I seriously have a lot of homework to do and I was just on the phone with Erica, then my dad, then my mom for the last nearly hour, so off I am to write a poetry explication. Adios.


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