18 September 2007

Change of Plans

It's a good thing I'm a pretty flexible person. I originally considered going to Bakery Science Club tonight and leaving just in time to make it over to All-Faiths Chapel to catch a bassoon recital (we have to go to four recitals for MUSIC250), and then settle in for the night, but after my 4pm meeting, I started thinking about the homework I needed to do, so I thought I'd just work on homework and then go to the recital. Well, my mom called and I told her my fridge was empty and that I don't like to spend my money because if I buy food, then I eat it, and then it's gone. And I feel like I'm just eating my money.*

But she convinced me that I should treat myself once in awhile, and I did need to get some shaving cream and I'm almost out of shampoo, so I went to Target. I could have gone to Wal-Mart, it's closer, but sometimes when I'm looking at my finances at the end of a few months, I hate seeing a couple hundred dollars spent at Wal-Mart. It just seems evil, so I make some trips to Target every once in awhile. They've got some pretty good deals, too. As you might know, I clip coupons, and this evening I saved $6.50 on stuff I (mostly) really needed. Okay, so I bought some air freshener that I could have lived without, but with my $1 Off coupon, it was only 74 cents. Anyway, I got back to find an e-mail informing me that my small group will be meeting for the first time tonight at 8:30.

So, I've never been to a music event and I have no idea how long they last, probably not more than an hour, but it takes me like 10 minutes to walk over to AFC and if I went and it did last an hour, I'd be late getting over to Haymaker. So, I'm not going to the bassoon recital (which would have been cool, I actually like the sound of a bassoon). I have a Spanish test Friday and a review worksheet to get done before tomorrow, so I can do that for the next hour and a half.

I gave in and bought a pint of mint chip Haagen-Dazs while I was at Target. It does fit in the little box of a freezer I have in my mini-fridge and it's pretty delicious. I feel kind of guilty splurging like this, but here's my justification: I don't eat junk food very often; I'd consider myself to be a pretty healthy eater. Also, this ice cream is light, so instead of 17g of fat and 285 calories per serving like the super premium ice cream, this kind only has 8g of fat and 230 calories (still bad, but see my first justification). Finally, yesterday was day 200, making this day 201 and while yesterday pretty much sucked, I felt like I deserved a treat for resisting temptation (granted this was God's faithfulness and strength working through me).

I'm super tired for some reason. I took a 45-minute nap this afternoon and woke up barely able to function (my eyes just wanted to snap back shut!) and I just felt groggy. I might take another 30-minute one for the heck of it. Maybe I'll put off my homework until after small group. (Procrastination...)

I heard on the radio that this weekend is the beginning of autumn. I'm hoping to get my STATEments articles done soon otherwise I won't be going home over fall break I think and I kind of want to because I miss Inky (meow) and my mom's food and taking showers without flip-flops. But for now, I'm plugging in my electric blanket and taking 30. Adios.
So, small group is amazing. Such an incredible group of women; I'm very much looking forward to getting to know everyone this year and growing in my relationship with Christ. I walked through a bunch of people hanging out in our floor lobby on my way to Haymaker just to catch "Hey, that's 'Swiper Girl'" as I started down the stairs. It's that guy they call Bubba, and he says that because I am usually a checker at the Derb. But it's not funny when he says it. I woke up at 12:30am once to hear him and a bunch of people standing outside my door talking about me. Why do people have to be so immature? He doesn't even know me. Anyway, praise God for the opportunity to get involved in this Bible study. Time for a shower and some Spanish homework.
Okay, last time I add to this today...but sad story: so I'm almost out of shampoo and am low on conditioner (that's one reason I went to Target) but in my shower I realized I managed to walk out of there with two bottles of conditioner. :-( So, yeah. I'll go buy some really inexpensive shampoo since I've got loads of wonderful conditioner now. *Sigh.*

*For more on eating money, check out my recently-posted note on Facebook.


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