20 September 2007

The Cheapest Pain

Boo to Moore Hall front desk for not giving me quarters for $3 worth of nickels and dimes. They did give me $1 worth, but I can't do my laundry on $1. So I have no other option but to put the only cash I have ($10 bill) into the change machine in exchange for 40 quarters. That'll be fun.

On my way back to my room one the guys came down the hall and saw me. "Swiper girl!! Wave at me...you never say hi to us." And it wasn't even the same guy who has been saying it. I hate it. I hate living in the dorms this year. Laundry is the cheapest in town in the dorms, but it's a pain to find time to do it and it's a pain to put up with immature people.

My day started out wonderful though. I happened to go to breakfast at the same time Kristin was taking her break so I got to eat with her and talk for a little bit. But yeah...Spanish test tomorrow I haven't studied for and I don't understand the grammar. Shower...dry my laundry/study...study...Navs...study...bed.


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