08 September 2007

Chicken Soup with Rice

*Note: I've previously been writing at http://alyssareeves.googlepages.com/, but I kind of hate that you can't group stuff by date or allow comments, so I'm leaving it up for the sake of everything I've already written, but I think I'll use this from now on. Enjoy.

Basically, being sick at college sucks. At least this cold has fallen on the weekend (sitting through classes with a constantly running nose isn't fun), but I'll have to be sure to take extra Kleenex with me to church tomorrow. I probably ought to buy some Lysol and disinfect my room once this is over; I've already gone through a box of tissues. I worked breakfast and lunch today and didn't really feel bad at all. Yesterday I felt some oncoming symptoms and started taking Zicam, which is supposed to help prevent colds, but as soon as I got off work at 2pm all I wanted to do was sleep. I did nap and manage to drag myself down to the Derb for dinner of chicken soup with rice and OJ and a little Cracklin' Oat Bran, but haven't felt like doing much else...including homework, so I've got my work cut out for me for tomorrow afternoon. It's only 8:30pm but I think I'm going to take some NyQuil and crawl into bed (I'm freezing...got out my electric blanket and plugged it in, though dripping noses don't lend for peaceful sleeps). So, hopefully this will be gone by Monday morning...I enjoyed work today. Picked up an extra shift last night to help make up for my little Labor Day shopping spree and ended up getting to be a checker (the best job) and this morning cooked made-to-order omelets (I'm pretty good, if I do say so myself) and then got to check again at lunch. I don't know why; being at work makes me kind of happy.Well, this is good night. Day 191, as well. If you feel generous, stop by with some soup tomorrow afternoon(tomato or chicken noodle preferrably) and maybe you can read my homework to me. :-) Kidding. But seriously, I'd rather be sick at home where someone can take care of me.
One more thought...if you're going to manufacture a nighttime cold relief pill, wouldn't you make one that you take, say, every 8 hours...instead of 4? Who wants to get up twice during the night to stay asleep? Is mixing NyQuil with Tylenol Simply Sleep a bad idea?


Menard said...

i like to keep up on your hardboiled integrity. it makes nice reading.

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