26 September 2007

The Crack' is Back

Early post for today, but I'll probably be pretty busy until after 9pm tonight, so this might be my only chance to write.

Great discovery at breakfast this morning: the crack' is back. Cracklin' Oat Bran, that is. The Derb didn't have it out for almost a week, and I had heard it was out, but when I was working yesterday I saw several bags of it back in dry storage. I even had to empathize with a guy yesterday morning who asked why it wasn't there. I agreed that it was the best cereal of all time, and that I myself was also missing it very much.

Feeling I had little control, even as an employee, over what was being offered at the cereal table, I played the role of disheartened customer and left a comment through the Web site about how sad I was that I haven't had Cracklin' Oat Bran in my life for a week, and how most of the other cereals were too sugary. I even suggested replacing one of the two varieties of Captain Crunch (because who needs plain and with crunch berries?). Lo and behold, this morning it was there: a top place on the revolving cereal table, those little, brown, square, dog-food resembling, windows of deliciousness.

So, even though just 3/4 cup of this stuff packs like 200 calories, it has served as my morning staple for all of last semester and so far this semester (minus this last week). The moral of the story: complaining to a small group of friends about something isn't going to evoke change. Taking action and demanding change (and politely offering possible solutions) will* evoke change. So go out there, feel empowered, and change whatever it is you are unhappy with. Have a good day.

*This conclusion draws on the assumption that my feedback had something to do with Cracklin' Oat Bran's return; it is possible that these events are mere coincidence and that my plead to the Derby authorities is still floating somewhere out in cyberspace. But don't pop my bubble. I'd like to believe otherwise.


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