15 September 2007

cravings and coldness

I could really go for some mint chocolate chip ice cream right now. Even a Cookie Minster from ColdStone (but it's a lot more expensive). I don't really want to go buy any, though, and the little freezer in my mini-fridge is pretty stinkin' small. Well, I might be able to cram a half-gallon in there, certainly a pint. But instead, I'm here trying to enjoy some strawberry-banana yogurt while pretending it's ice cream. It's fat free, too. Someone should invent mint chocolate chip yogurt. I mean, if you can incorporate chocolate into Slim Fast, surely they can find a semi-healthy way to get it into yogurt. I'll have to wait for a special occassion. I have a coupon for a buy a medium Blizzard, get one free...I shouldn't. I'm trying to convince myself that I'm still young and my body can handle this type of eating every once in awhile, but you know, I've got to live with this body for the rest of my life. I should take care of it. I mean, when I get to be 65 or 70 (God willing), I'll probably eat all the mint chocolate chip ice cream I want. I won't care if I get fat when I'm old and wrinkled anyway. :-) Man, tough craving though. Monday might be considered a special occasion, but with four classes, work, and a floor meeting, I might not have a ton of time to get out and celebrate.

Anyway, semi-productive day. I got up and went to breakfast and was so tired I crawled back into bed and watched a couple of episodes of Dateline. Did you know you can watch the whole thing commerical-free usually within a day of it airing on TV? My mom loves watching Dateline and I usually watched it with her. There's some pretty sad stories about peopel getting murdered and stuff, but it's one of those shows where it's real and they explain the case and what happened and by the end of it, they reveal who did it and for how long they're sitting in jail. Good show. I finally got up and took a shower before finishing an essay for my English class (I personally think the essay isn't that great, but I'm hoping my teacher will appreciate it enough to give me a decent grade). Somehow that didn't get done until nearly 2pm and I've been working on random stuff until I had to work dinner. I didn't really want to spend all of tomorrow doing homework, so I'll probably crack down tonight. I kind of wish I had a radio so I could listen to the game; last I heard we were up 24-0 over Missouri State. I'm kind of worried about my STATEments articles because the deadline is so soon.

Talk about cold today! I think it sat in the mid-60s. I left my window open most of the day, the cold air pouring in, forcing me to put on socks, jeans, and my new coat. I don't like being hot, though, so I like keeping my room cold so I can wrap myself up in my electric blanket. If it's hot, I can't do much to get cool quickly. So this works for me. Geoff called me tonight and he's working at a Cornell v. Bucknell football game. He said he gets paid to basically do nothing/watch a gate that two other people are already watching. He said it was really cold there, in the 50s during the day. I can't imagine how it is now that the sun is down.

Well, I better get going on something productive so I don't have to do it tomorrow. Day 198; I'm not feeling too bad (kinda tired though). Adios.


Menard said...

they make a chocolate mint whipped yogurt!

alyssareeves said...

seriously? sweet! i'll have to find some. The Derb had a chocolate mint & cheesecake softserve today and i tried it. it wasn't too good.

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