25 September 2007

I Got Them All Cut.

I love Tuesdays. I work breakfast, which isn't always the most fun because it's early and I'm tired and working in the dining room isn't the most exciting, but Kristin shows up around 8, and she makes me smile. :-) Anyway, there were "special guests" today. Everyone kept saying that. "Make sure everything looks really nice; we have "special guests" coming at 7:30." Chris said she was glad I was working dining room because I'm a "good worker." The special guests came and as far as I could tell, they were just two men and a bunch of people I've seen around the Derb before. So, I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible and felt hugely relieved when just after 8am, they picked up their trays and left. I wasn't stressed about them being there, I was stressed because everyone else seemed stressed and they were making a huge deal out of it. Maybe their jobs depended on a good review from these "special guests" (whoever they were), but I highly doubted mine did.

So, after I got off work I took a wonderful shower. I just took a shower last night, but I had to take another one because I smelled like the Derb. It's something you don't quite understand until you've worked there. Anyway, another shower which I kind of don't like because taking showers too often makes my hair feel extra-dry. I did go get that shampoo I needed, though. It's Garnier Fructis (did I spell that right?) and the conditioner I have (Sunsilk) leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft. In case you didn't know, my hair is one of my favorite features. I'm growing it out (it's been 1.5 years since I cut off those 12" for Locks of Love).

Anyway, lunch of tomato soup and grilled cheese (comfort food), and then a nap. Around 3pm I suddenly had the urge to get my hair trimmed. Kind of random, I know, but Great Clips doesn't do appointments, so I jumped in my car and went. They had sent me a coupon for a $6.99 haircut, so even though I had to wait 20 minutes (there were like 4 other people waiting before me), my haircut was short and now I am split-end free.

I'm skipping Bake Club again tonight because I am being lazy today and not getting much homework done and I have to finish my poetry explication. So, I'm pretty much probably not going to Chicago, but that's okay. Bake Club = cookies & pizza = fat, so even though it's fun, unless I can learn to go without eating there, I might not be a consistent member. But the good thing about it is that Bake Club doesn't require commitment. You show up when you can, and they don't care. That's my kind of club. :-)

Well, time to get going on work. I was kind of looking forward to today being cold and stormy, but it cleared up and was quite lovely. Day 208. Praise God. Have a great week, my loyal readers. :-)


Jeremy said...

The special guests were people from California, I believe, with the Computrition program (its a new system the Derb has implemented to do with recipes...you should have seen how we did recipes before!). But, I love it when special people are around, like for special dinners and stuff. All of the managers freak out and I'm just like "Chill, everythings going to be fine."

Menard said...

YAY tomato soup and grilled cheese is delish. Sometimes I have to shower after I come back from places because I don't feel like I smell like myself. So it's quite understandable! Today I'm getting my hair trimmed, so YAY!

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