10 September 2007

this could get ugly

I went to Spanish this morning because we get participation points for showing up, and then I went back to my room and slept for three hours, skipping the three other classes I had today. Considering I didn't miss a single class last year, three in one day is pretty significant. I think I'll be all right though. I don't feel too horrible now -- still extremely unmotivated to do my homework. Being sick all weekend is discouraging because all the homework I needed to do still isn't done, and I don' t have a weekend now to do it. I don't have classes tomorrow, but I work breakfast and have to go get a maintenance check for my car. Everything will get done though, even if it's not my best work.
I could use another holiday, a three-day weekend, or something. This is only the fourth week of the semester. It's also Day 192, though I've taken a step this afternoon that makes me unconfident of the coming of Day 193 or 194 or even 200 (just one week from today). This could get ugly.


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