11 October 2007

The Black "X" & Beer

I worked today and though being at Dashers during lunch can get kind of boring, but today I saw something that amused me very much. So you know how they put those big black "x"s on people's hands who are underage? Well, one girl came through with one on each hand. And since I was checking, I swiped her card and (since I was bored) just watched her. It only took a second and there it was...I had to laugh on the inside: A big black "x" on the side of her face. Like she had slept on her hand which of course reminded me of Never Been Kissed and although "Loser" on the forehead would have been even better, I can settle for an "x" on the cheek.

It's Thursday; you know what that means, right? Yes, the Office, but I meant biochemistry lab. I went today and for the first time, I don't have a horror story to report. We started our beer lab, and out of the five lab groups in our class, only one got to work on the beer while everyone else worked on a general yeast fermentation lab. Though our professor described the ideal group for beer making to be "anal" (close attention to detail), I wasn't offended when he picked my group because we got out of the scheduled lab to follow step-by-step, out-of-the-kit instructions on making beer. Sure, the pressure was a lot greater not to screw it up because we didn't have extra supplies to start over, but these were really easy directions. Sure, our group was the last one to leave (after 2 hr. and 15 min.,) but most of our time was spent waiting for water to boil (it took forever!). I think we may have screwed up because when we were sanitizing the equipment, the packet of sanitizer was already opened and the directions said to add half the packet, or one tbsp., and our TA told us just to add what was in the packet. So, we did. I read through the directions later and I guess we were supposed to use that other half for sanitizing the bottles to pour the beer into when it's done, but I didn't say anything and we can worry about that when we get there. We did have the instruction of our TA though, and how hard is it to sanitize the bottles with something else? I'm not too worried.

I went to Navs tonight and now I'm pretty stinkin' excited about going to Main Event. I found out most carpools aren't planning on leaving until 11am, which is good because I have Spanish until 10:20, and then my Engl310 class is cancelled, so I'll only be missing two classes.

So, the Office was on tonight (I was at Navs) but it usually doesn't take too long before NBC has it up on their site (they promise before 5am Friday) and hopefully someone will have in up on Fanpop.com commerical-free soon.

Well, I have much to do and it's already almost 11pm. Boo. I did get my room cleaned today and slightly rearranged (I don't have many options) so that's always nice. Well, day 224. Buenas noches.


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