10 October 2007

Chilly & Black Bean Soup

I walked in my Spanish class today to hear, "Alyssa, no te gusta la clase de español 4?" Crap...sure, I'd been saying it a lot to my friends and writing it here that I did not like this class, but how did she hear?! I responded with the first thing that came to mind: "Uhh..." She then asked if I liked Spanish 3 better, and I told her Spanish 4 was much more difficult. She said it must be the teacher, because all of her Spanish 3 students thought Spanish 3 was hard. Oops...maybe I should keep my mouth shut next time and stop complaining.

So, long day today. 5 classes, and brrr! the temperature is dropping. It's kind of nice because I like wearing coats and sweatshirts, but walking in the shade felt like a 10-degree drop and walking back from my evening class, the sun was down and I was chilly! Since class got out early I stopped by Dashers for a PB sandwich and milk, and I tried the Brazilian Black Bean soup. Never had it before, but I must say it wasn't too bad. That's one thing I like the most about the Derb: soup every day.

The maintenance guy came today and fixed my mirror so it won't fall. Unfortunately now between him and myself, there are fingerprints all over it, and I don't have any Windex. I'd grab some from home, but I doubt I'll be going back until Thanksgiving. I am planning on making a Bolivar trip probably Nov. 9-11, which Erica seems excited about. Hopefully it'll work out and I won't have a ton of homework for that weekend.

I took a nap before my music class because I almost fell asleep during biochemistry; and I had taken sudokus in with me so didn't hear anything our professor said. We have a take-home biochem. midterm Friday that we have a week to do; hopefully not paying attention in class won't hurt me too much.

Well, I think I'll take a quick shower and get going on some homework because I don't have much free time tomorrow except before work. Day 223; Praise God for his faithfulness.

ps. STATEments Magazine should be here Oct. 29! Get excited! (I am!)


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