19 October 2007

The Departed

I'll be departing for Iowa in just over an hour. Of course, I thought I'd "try" to get homework done (namely my English paper) before I left, but we just had a fire drill. Sure, I still have an hour, but I might put it off. Perhaps I'll be inspired with a new intellectual perspective of Stop Kiss over the next few days which will better enable me to write a 3-5 page analysis of the production.

Riiight. :-) Anyway, I'm excited. I won't be back with my computer until Sunday night, and even so I might put off writing until I get some free time Monday or Tuesday. We'll see. Until then, pray for the safety of the 250+ KSU students making their way to Cedar Falls. Most of them left an hour ago, but there will be other carpools leaving sporadically throughout the day. Adios.


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