04 October 2007

The Worst Way? Really?

Wow, it couldn't be more obvious why I'm not a science major. Hopefully this won't become a regular Thursday posting, but I suck at biochemistry lab. Our group managed to be one of the first groups done, but wow.
We were supposed to measure this chemical and well, the instructions weren't specific on how to do it so I did it a way I figured would work. Our TA came by and made us start over. "That's probably the worst way you can do it," he said. I guess it wasn't very accurate on how we were measuring stuff, so we started over. Fortunately it worked after that, but man. My lab partner said he could probably think of about a million worse ways to measure. :-) Oh well.

Yay for a new episode of the Office tonight. I've got to get tomorrow's assignments done so I can watch it after Navs.

Oh yeah, and boo to McCain. I went and bought a ticket a couple weeks ago to the Kansas City Symphony & KC Chorus for this Sunday and it cost me $20. I just got an e-mail today saying there's a student special for $5/ticket. My ticket says no refunds or exchanges though. :-( Boo for spending $15 more than I had to.


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