05 October 2007

No hay futuro para mí...

No hay futuro para mí en español. El semestre pasado, mi profesor dijo que era muy bueno y eso que debo continuar para estudiarlo. Este semestre, mi grado de la participación cae cada semana mientras que paro el levantar de mi mano para contestar a preguntas. Tuvimos que hacer hoy una actividad en un pedazo de papel. Conseguí solamente tres de los siete hechos antes de que ella decidiera repasar las respuestas. Por supuesto, ella pidió que contestara al número siete. Tenía no uniforme tenía tiempo para mirarlo. Lo leí tan y completé rápidamente el espacio en blanco y di una razón de soporte. Oí mi snicker del profesor como utilicé la forma del subjuntivo del verbo cuando debo haber utilizado el indicativo. Ella hace me la sensación estúpida y ella me hace español del odio.

So, if you didn't get that, I don't like my Spanish class. First of all, it's Spanish IV. It's hard. I did quite well in Span1/2 and 3, but man, I don't know what my problem is this semester. Maybe it's that I'm taking so many other hours, that this class isn't very high on my priority list. In my other classes, the teacher was more encouraging, and now I just stop volunteering to answer because every time she calls on me, I get it wrong and instead of politely correcting me and explaining it, she acts like I must be an idiot for not getting it right the first time. Well shoot, she's from Colombia. Of course this stuff is easy for her. She talks way too fast during class. Maybe I'm the only one in class who doesn't understand what she is saying half of the time, but I don't really think so. We did have the entire summer off. A week of review to start of the semester might have been nice. Ugh. I generally enjoy Spanish, but now I'm just discouraged about it. So, note to anyone studying to be a teacher: be encouraging. It helps tremendously. Really.

So...Lacie is coming tonight! :-) I'm so excited. Hopefully I can find a TV somewhere tomorrow to watch the game. Also, I'm very much anticipating some mail (okay, I ordered something for myself). I watched the Office 4.02 online, but it was in bits and pieces in the background as I did homework, so I didn't enjoy it as much. I'll probably crawl in bed tonight and watch it before I go to sleep. I have to work this weekend, but it usually goes quickly. Long week, but T.G.I.F. (and today's payday...yay.)

Day 218 (dang). Praise God.


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