23 October 2007

Not Mom's Favorite

How to tell if you're not Mom's favorite:

I still have a few hours of doing stuff today, but I don't know...today felt pretty incredible. I worked this morning, and getting up was difficult, but it went really fast. Instead of immediately doing homework after work, I took a shower and made a trip to Hobby Lobby where it took me forever to find my supplies (that store has a ton of stuff!) but I was finally successful. Then I came back to my room and made an incredible birthday card. I'd describe it or post a picture, but I don't want to ruin it for the amazing girl I'll be sending it to. After I send it, maybe I'll post some pictures or if you're just dying to see it (it really is great) I can e-mail it to you. :-)

I've been pretty productive today, too. I got an e-mail from Lu which made me incredibly happy and I've been listening to AFR and K-Love online all day which may have something to do with my uplifted mood.
Oh, and in case you were wondering, I did manage to drink all that free milk. I drank the first half gallon between Sunday night and Monday, and drank the other half today. Yeah...eight cups of milk today. I scooped in some instant breakfast so I probably have incredible levels of vitamins in my system right now (which may also be contributing to me feeling really good) but now looking at the label, there's a lot of sugar in this stuff...which may also be contributing to me feeling full of energy (for now). :-)

Anyway, I have a "mandatory" floor meeting tonight to talk about T-shirts and floor elections (neither of which I'm interested in) but it's at 8pm and my Bible study is at 8:30pm. It's supposed to be "short" but I might take my Bible out there and try not to feel too rude getting up and leaving. Well, have a good rest of the week.

Day 236. God is good.


Menard said...

HAHA. I love that picture. YAY FOR MILK! YAY FOR INSTANT BREAKFAST! YAY FOR GOOD MOODS! and yay for your productive day. I'm glad it's going well!

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