01 October 2007

On the Road Again

My trip to Emporia was good. I've officially "graduated" from the world of orthodontics -- they told me I never have to come back again unless I have problems. So, yay for no more drives to Emporia for a 10 min. appt. I've had my braces off for four years, so I was just getting my retainers checked since I had just gotten a new bottom one. I feel like I should celebrate...or something. A good reason for having ice cream (or yogurt, and pretending).

I did get to go over to Jamie's appt. though and see her. She's officially an aunt now! Joe's son's name is Bryson Michael (8 lb. 11 oz.) -- according to her text msg. Jamie showed me all the clothes she's already bought him. I was going to go sit through a class with Jamie and it ended up getting cancelled (yay). Then I found out Lacie was in town getting her teeth cleaned so while Jamie was in her 12pm class, I went and sat outside of Starbucks to catch up with her. I hadn't seen her since Erica & JR's wedding, more than two months ago. So, that was good. I've never gone to Manhattan through Emporia so my confusion on which highway to take resulted in extra mileage. Instead of just going straight west I ended up on the turnpike toward Topeka before getting off at the first exit and taking Hwy. 50 straight west to Council Grove. Big mistake. The speed limit was 55mph, and then going north out of Council Grove it was only 60. So, getting back here took a little longer than expected. Good thing my dad helped me out with gas. I needed it.

I worked tonight. It wasn't too bad. Kind of depressing when you swipe girls' cards who subsequently stand there talking about how 'card swiping' must be a sucky job. Seriously, you don't say that. You don't go into a restaurant and talk about how sucky it must be to be a waitress or into a school and say it must suck to be a teacher. Just don't; it's demeaning and if you're the employee, you feel like they don't respect you. I actually enjoy my work, so stop slamming it. Sheesh.

So, being home was good but as you probably can already tell, I was very unproductive and will thus spend tonight and all of tomorrow trying frantically to get caught up so I don't lose my mind. This will require staying off of Facebook and Blogger. That's tough.
Oh yeah, I got back to my dorm to find my framed poster of Van Gogh's Starry Night face down on my carpet. It was probably a good six feet up on the wall before so of course part of the corner of the glass broke and I had to pick up shattered glass off my carpet. I should probably vacuum before I decide to walk around without shoes. Sad story.

Goodnight. Day 214. And yay for the start of the month; I like feeling like today is a new beginning.


Menard said...

Well I'm glad you made it back to Manhattan safe! That's a shame that your frame broke; Starry Night is probably one of my most favorite paintings ever. :] Don't forget to wear your shoes when you get up at night to use the restroom!

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