13 October 2007

Saturday Storms

Good, productive Saturday. I woke up to do some work but after taking a shower and grabbing some breakfast, I climbed back in bed until 11am. This guy Ryan came at noon and fixed my bike for me, so I'm pretty excited that I can ride it now. It might be a nice change every once in awhile instead of walking to class or if I want to get to the Rec or the library or something. It is getting chilly though, but oh well.

It stormed pretty well last night. I left my window open to hear the thunder, and it was incredible. Thunder is one of those things that even though it can at times still scare me a little, it's comforting. I wanted to put up Christmas lights and watch the storm with only those little colored lights, but the strand I brought back from last year didn't work. I'm not positive if there are any Christmas stuff out yet. But yeah...I love watching/listening to thunderstorms with Christmas lights and a friend. I missed that.

I got my articles done today and my biochem. midterm. I probably could have gotten more done, but I did watch probably six or seven episodes of the Office (while multi-tasking, of course). I still have all of tomorrow...right? No plans.

Day 226. Big deal.


Menard said...

I love storms :] but I never seem to catch them at night because I'm a heavy sleeper :(

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