25 October 2007

STATEments, David Crowder Band & Lu

Glorious day. Crazy day. Fun day. Stressful day. Incredible day. Busy day.
My day was all of these things wrapped into one. STATEments began its distribution today and though I wasn't able to help, I picked up a stack to hand out to people and to take home to show off to my parents. I was pretty excited we got T-shirts, too, except that they're yellow (I don't look good in yellow) but yay for free shirts.

I worked lunch, which wasn't too bad. It was really busy and I grabbed a loaf of bread not realizing it was cut open down the top and all the pieces fell on the floor. Oops. Not a big deal though.

Then I went to biochem lab where my group had to sanitize 1L bottles before pouring the beer we're making into them. Then, unexpectedly, we were still required to do part of the regular experiment. Of course, we messed up the first time. Most of the other groups were leaving. I quickly set up everything again, but it still didn't turn out right. It was almost 5pm (I had to be somewhere at 5pm) and my two lab partners were just sitting there talking to the TA about killing people in war. It was just really frustrating and stressful and I couldn't get a word in edgewise to ask for help, and I think if I had spoken up, I would have burst into tears (stress...I can't handle my emotions when I'm stressed) so finally fed up, I just rinsed out what we had from my centrifuge tubes and put everything back in my lab drawer and walked out. It wouldn't have been a big deal; I could have copied the data from someone else and still gotten a decent grade, but this experiment was Part 1 of a two-part experiment, meaning we were setting up today something we'll use next week. I thought about e-mailing my teacher and begging for a chance to come in tomorrow or next Tuesday to make up the lab, but I don't think I could explain my reasoning for not doing it in class very well. So, I'm afraid I might pull a bad student card and just blow off the lab next week. I'll get a zero for this lab assignment and probably the one for next week, but I'm not sure I care that much. It just bugs the heck out of me when my lab partners just sit there as if they expect me to get up and do everything for them. Then they don't even bring the lab instructions to class so they can't be productive unless they look off mine. Hopefully these couple of zeros won't hurt my grade too much...

So, yeah. That sucked. Then I had to take a quick shower before the David Crowder Band concert, which opened with The Myriad and Phil Wickham (who were awesome too). Now I can't hear out of my right ear at all, which unfortunately doesn't drown out the sounds of the loud and screaming people in the hallway right now. But, I got to see Lu which was incredible. I don't know what it is about her, but she can just look at you and her eyes say "Hey, I love you." And it's pretty awesome. I wish I could have spent more time with her.

So now, I have to do some last-minute studying for my Spanish midterm and go over my biochemistry presentation really quickly. I also have a ton of reading, but I know reading will put me to sleep so I might just get up early to do it. So, this will be a long night and tomorrow morning will come to quickly, but all is well.

Scripture promises us that the Lord will not give us more than we can handle, and I'm seeing that truth in my life recently. Not that I couldn't handle this week of craziness and then have to take a music exam next week (similar situations in the past have proved difficult, but do-able nonetheless), but here I am stressed out from biochem, on the verge of tears, when I open my e-mail to see that because of the roof fire at McCain resulting in music class being canceled, our teacher has pushed our exam back a week. So, I don't have to spend this weekend at home studying. I can enjoy the time seeing my grandma and my mom.

Well, good night. Speak loudly if you see me tomorrow, or at least speak in my good ear. It may be awhile before I recover complete auditory abilities. :-)

Day 238!


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