27 October 2007

Yay English; Boo Spanish.

To butcher the words from the incredible "Jesus film":
"You all suck. There is no hope."

That's how I feel about Spanish 4 now. I took a midterm on Friday and it was hard, but I did actually (barely) finish it by the end of class and was expecting at least a B. You know, because I had an 88% in there and doing well on the tests are the only way I can get my grade up to an A by the end of the semester. I got a C on my first test but was feeling pretty confident that I could get that up 2% by the end of the semester.

Well, not anymore. To anyone who has ever hinted to me that I could excel at this foreign language, take it back. Because I have news for you: I suck. And never again in my life will I pursue this course in the world of academia, where grades and instructor comments slap you in the face with cold, hard reality: you were born in the USA and no matter how hard you try, you aren't fluent by Spanish 4, thus I will grade you incredibly hard and give you four assignments the week of your midterm and just 45 minutes to finish a 6-page exam, and then I will slap a big fat D on that paper and make you dread getting up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for that 9:30am class. And you will hate your life for an entire semester until you squeeze out a passing grade and finally fulfill your graduation requirements and don't have to take any more classes.

So, if you didn't catch that, KSOL says I got a D. 66% to be exact. How is that possible? I didn't even leave anything blank. And I wouldn't say I'm the worst student in the class, so...did the majority fail? What does that mean? We all just suck? Or is there some type of problem somewhere between the information leaving the mouth of our instructor and it entering our brains? Curse you, public school system, for not teaching me this stuff until I was in high school and obviously it's too late for me to learn a new language. Or I just suck.

Sigh.... I know I can't do anything about it now except pray I don't screw things up enough to drop below a B and ruin my GPA and thus lose my incredible scholarship. I hate Spanish. Forever.

The end.


Menard said...

Curse foreign languages! I'm sorry you didn't do as well as you would have wanted. But you know a lot more spanish than me, so maybe that will make you feel better...or maybe not. I took french for two years and I could probably only tell you a few phrases.

Anonymous said...

"You're all sinners, there is no hope"

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