30 November 2007

about a boy

So, there's this boy.

I was already feeling slightly elated; I had just left my Intro. to Creative Nonfiction class during which my peers had read one of my essays for a critique. Though my transitions in organization could use improvement, they said it was pleasant to read and liked my "great language and word choice." I turned the corner to take the stairs out of Willard Hall when he came flying up toward me (probably two stairs at a time, but it all happened so fast). I recognized him right away and smiled, "hey." I think he smiled too, saying "excuse me" as he moved right to avoid crashing into me. And we both went our separate ways.

Is this ridiculous? I don't even know his name. I don't know anything about him. But there's something; when I'm working at the Derb he always asks how I'm doing. He just seems very... charming. A guy like that probably already has a girlfriend, though I haven't seen him with anyone. Let me dream for now. He makes me smile.


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