02 November 2007

Chocolate-induced happiness & God-inspired joy

Praise God for warm autumn afternoons.

I took a short, 25-minute nap before my 2:30 biochem class, and woke up feeling like I had slept 3 or 4 hours. It was quite wonderful. I might lay back down soon for an hour or so. I have no obligations tonight, and it feels great. (Of course, I could do homework, but I suppose I could take a night off. You know, to get caught up on last night's episode of the Office or something.)

I love the beginnings of new months, and I usually think, "Hey, I'll give up junk food this month or something." As you might have guessed, I gave in and bought some M&Ms. Chocolate release endorphins, you know. So really, I'm just investing in my mental health by enjoying an afternoon M&M snack. It makes me happy. :-) Just look at that picture...how can you not want some?

Anyway, good day. I was feeling kind of down last night (you know, stress and everything) but God is faithful and my comfort is continuously found in Him. Yay God. :-) (Day 246, btw.)

Have a great weekend.

Wow! I started watching The Holiday tonight and guess who is in it!? John Krasinski (Jim Halpert). I guess I didn't yet know who he was the first time I watched it.


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