26 November 2007

Dreams, Sleep, & Lack Thereof

I'm afraid I'll have to start taking Tylenol Simply Sleep again (which could be bad since I have to work at 6:35am tomorrow). Perhaps it's just the first nigh being back, but I stirred at 12:30am when a pack of girls (probably 2 or 3...it sounded like 12) came running down the hall laughing and yelling. It's just before 7am now; I ought to go run up and down the halls and make a lot of noise. :-)

Anyway, I've come to the conclusion that I dream in narratives. I dreamed last night about a guy running from another guy and the first guy, I could get in his head and see everything from his perspective. But the whole time there was this overlaid voice of the first guy telling the story as he would if he were writing it in his journal or making a movie about this scene. Anyway, I ended up waking up once the first man was cornered and the bad guy briefly left, giving him a chance to escape. I theorize that I woke up because I didn't know how he would escape. I didn't have any ideas for how to end the story, so I simply woke up. How convenient.

Anyway, now I'm up and will probably thus need a nap this afternoon. It's supposed to be cold today (32-degrees when I leave for class at 9:30) so I imagine I'll drag my big, heavy coat out of the closet. It's warm, but it's so bulky and a huge hassle to get on and off when you're crammed into a small classroom with more than 20 other bodies trying to take off their big coats.

I had to unplug my Christmas lights last night; they were too bright. I have them plugged into the same outlet so I can turn on just the purple or just the white if I want. I have spare bulbs that include a blinker so it might be cool to get the purple blinking and have the white stay normal but it might bug me after awhile. I'll mess around with it. Well, two weeks of class and counting. I'm going to be so excited when they are over. This semester has been bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

:-) Have a good day.


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