26 November 2007

Failing Freshmen

Well, since my last post was more than 12 hours ago, I'll make it two for today. This is pretty rare, but I suppose I just feeling like talking. :-)

So, I've come to the conclusion that there are two things K-State is failing to teach its freshmen: 1) how to listen 2) how to read.

Here's my situation at Dasher's tonight:

Me: Here or to go?
Student: Um...breaded shrimp.
(or sometimes: "Yes." Which isn't so bad; maybe they just caught the end of "...to go?"
Here or to go?
Student: I'll have the noodles, and whatever that is.

I'd just give every person who grabs a tray a plate and assume they're staying, but probably half of the people who grab trays do so out of habit and end up saying "to go." Usually if I get no response I give them a box. Then they can take it or open it up and sit down to eat. As for "whatever that is," Derby has conveniently made up these little laminated placards that are placed on the front of every line giving the name of the food in huge letters, the nutrition facts down the side, and if you grab it and flip it over, the list of ingredients. Sure, there are some time we don't have a card for a food item if it's an extra, but tonight everything was out there. That was beef tips in gravy. It goes on the noodles. And no, you can't have noodles with the shrimp. (Unless we're about to close and there's a bunch left.)

And hang up your cell phone!

Please and thank you. :-D


Jeremy said...

:) You know, I was feeling the same thing, especially about "whatever that is..." And, I wish there were some way to drill into their heads what exactly constitutes an entree. Some people, huh?

Menard said...

Maybe they need a day or two back in kindergarden! And the little giraffe inthe corner made me happy. I love giraffes :]

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