23 November 2007

Food, Football, & Freeze

I slipped into a food-induced coma around 2pm following a Thanksgiving lunch at my mom's, a short break, and then a bowl of homemade apple pie with vanilla ice cream. Even though the heater in the house is broken, the fireplace keeps the living room sufficiently warm and my face absorbed the sunlight. I curled up in the oversized chair, wrapped myself in an afghan and was dead to the world for a good hour. It was wonderful.

I woke up and Erica and JR had left. I've spent the rest of my day slowly making progress on homework, doing sudoku puzzles, and watching football. LSU just lost to Arkansas in triple-overtime. Things aren't looking too good for Texas against Texas A&M. These games are nice background entertainment, but I'm most excited about the KU v. MU game tomorrow.

We have the bedroom doors shut upstairs and the balcony doors open into my mom's room to keep the heat there. I think I'll crash downstairs tonight. Maybe if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can throw another log on. I can't imagine how hard it was for people who only used fireplaces for heat. Someone would have to get up often to keep it going or it'd get really cold during the night. Also, we've gone through a lot of wood. The heating guy in Emporia called back today and he said we needed to order a part, so the furnace won't be fixed until Monday.

I got my Christmas shopping done today (everything on Amazon) with the exception of my brother who has no idea what he wants. Just over a month 'til Christmas...


Menard said...

YAY for apple pie! I hope your heater gets fixed with no problems. I don't want you to freeze!

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