03 November 2007

A for Alyssa!

Yay! Guess who now has an A in Spanish 4? That's right... me! 91% to be exact. Now, I'm not usually one to go boasting about my grades, but if you've read my previous entries, you know how torn up I was over Spanish. I had a 85% after my midterm, but after a couple high As on assignments and my teacher bumping my midterm score up from a 66% to a 77% (still bad, but whatever) I am now looking good. The only other test this semester is our final and we have assignments, a presentation, another oral activity, and a composition which shouldn't all be too bad. So, I am happy. This is looking good for my GPA >> scholarships.

Last night was relaxing. I popped some popcorn and watched The Holiday. It's pretty good, if you've never seen it. So, that was my night off. I'm tempted to crawl into bed and take a quick nap, but I could get some reading done until I get too sleepy to stay awake. It's beautiful outside, too. Might have to go soak up some sunshine before getting too deep into my studies.

By the way, check out this video (see below). Jeremy sent it to me, and I laughed during the entire thing, mostly because I have a cat back home and this is exactly what he does to my mom every morning (if he doesn't spend the night in the garage). I will be sending it to her, of course.

Day 247. Praise God!

Video link: Wake Up! (Kitty Video)
(I tried to embed it straight onto my page, but I don't have the right plug-ins.)


Menard said...

YAAAY! I'm glad you got your Spanish grade up! I hope everything is going well for you. Hopefully your schedule doesn't get anymore busy.

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