28 November 2007

Happy Birthdays

I made it through my first two classes avoiding any contributions to the class discussions. Fortunately that'll only hurt my Spanish participation grade a little. My English teacher probably assumes I just haven't done the reading assignments (I always do), but fortunately our only grades are for written work and I can write.

Happy Birthday shout-outs to Hannah Clauson, Hannah Combrink, Synthia Somerhalder, and Samuel Sturgeon. (Wow, is it weird that there are two Hannah C's and two S.S. birthdays today?) Since I got my card in the mail (hopefully with enough postage so it doesn't come back to me) I'll post the picture of it.

If it doesn't look familiar to you, go watch the Office season 1 episode 4 "The Alliance" which can be found without cost and commercial-free on my favorite: Fanpop.com.

(I replicated the card the Office workers give to Meredith for her surprise birthday party.)


Menard said...

Wow, that's a lot of birthdays. The card is brilliant. Very BEAUTIFUL!

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