19 November 2007

Just Kidding :-)

So, just kidding. I really do like working at the Derb. Last week I was just in a bad mood because for the first time the entire semester I was not a Monday night checker. But tonight Dashers was really slow so it wasn't too bad and I just have fun with everyone who works there.

Hooray for incredibly warm weather! Tomorrow should be close to 80 again before we drop to 40s on Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to work breakfast and then I'm taking a quick shower before meeting a friend for lunch and then if I haven't packed yet I'll pack and then get the heck out of here. I'm sooo ready for a break! We have two weeks of classes after break before finals. Unfortunately I didn't do any homework this last week (it was so nice to not to anything!) so I'll have a bit to do while I'm at home, but it's good because I'll probably get bored otherwise. Now I just have to stay motivated enough to actually do it.

I can't believe this semester is already coming to a close. I'm so ready for it, though.

We had a STATEments meeting this afternoon. I'm so excited about our upcoming issues. I heard our editor say there was a story in the spring issue about the Navigators that turned out really well. It's cool because that was one of my story ideas and it actually got used. I'm also happy I still have another year here (a lot of the staff are seniors) so by the time I graduate I'll have like 4 issues under my belt. I'm still not sure where I'll work this summer. Boo for that. I think I want to live in the Jardine apartments but I still have to talk to my dad about the costs. I don't want to be a senior living in the dorms unless it was over in the Strong complex where most of the upperclassmen seem to congregate.

Anyway, I have to go dry my hair so this is all for now. I'll update more over break.


Menard said...

I'm so glad that the derb is better this week. :D I hope I'll see you sometime this week! That would be AMAZING. It was also very pleasant to read an update...they make my day!

Jeremy said...

I am also glad Derb is getting better and would like to admit that your updates make my day as well.

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