25 November 2007

Yay for Lights!

Well, I'm back at school. Ready for two weeks of class and finals before I go back home. Fortunately, I was insanely productive over the break, so these next two weeks (except for studying) should be pretty easy. Break was good. I'm not going to lie, I kind of wish KU would have beat MU. It was crazy how many people were at the game; the announcer on TV said more than 80,000. I fell asleep during the third quarter but woke up in time to see KU's quarterback get sacked for safety and to end the game. Cornell won their game today; I'm not sure who they played (it was at 10:30 central time and I was at church) but my mom went to early church so she could watch it on the Internet.

Anyway, I drove back this afternoon just before 2pm and made it here around 4. Gassed up in Lyndon for $2.89/gal. That was for Unleaded plus, which has 10% ethanol. I got it anyway; I hope it doesn't hurt my car too much. I've gotten it before so I think it'll be okay.

I stopped at Wal-Mart and got white and purple Christmas lights and spent a good part of an hour putting them up in my room. It's not as easy as it sounds! I have these little 3M sticky hooks that don't hurt the paint when you pull them off, and I had to apply the stickiness to the back of each and then figure out how far apart to space them on the wall and then instead of cramming the Christmas lights wires into the hook, I ran a paperclip through the wires and hung it easily on the hook. Thank goodness they all lit up the first time I plugged them in! Anyway, I'm really excited about them. They make my room glow and it's much more cozy now. I'm pretty happy with them. So, here's a picture. Enjoy. (All five pictures can be viewed on Facebook.)


Menard said...

That looks so pretty! YAAAY!

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