09 December 2007

Achy-Shaky Ickiness

I think I'm getting sick. I started taking Tylenol Cold Multi-Symptom rapid-release capsules last night, but I felt nauseated all night. But then again, maybe there's something in that Tylenol that they use in DayQuil, because I know for a fact that DayQuil make me puke. Anyway, sore throat and mostly unsettled tummy and achy/shakiness. It's snowing/raining ice this morning and I'm not sure I'll make it out this morning. I'm sure my car is buried under a thick sheet of ice and I'm feeling icky.


Is this premature cabin fever? Being stuck indoors makes me bummed.

Some things I'm looking forward to (despite this being finals week): baking cookies with my friends when I get home, seeing Inky, warm fires in the fireplace, zero obligations, comfort food, sledding, IHOP after my Spanish final, not having to pay for anything for a month, showering without flip-flops, familiar faces, reruns of the Office (I'm considering a four-season marathon over break...would this be a total waste of about 22 hr. of 45 min.? Let's hope I don't get that bored...), Christmas, New Year's, still being home when the high school starts classes back up, being done with classes and halfway done with college.

Things I wish I could do right now instead of studying: bake cookies. eat them. watch a movie. cut out snowflakes. color. three words: mint chocolate chip. (ice cream). sleep. reorganize. lay on a beach in the sun. write a novel.

Also, I want to go ice skating. The rink in city park opens this Thursday, but I definitely want to go after the break. I haven't been ice skating since 7th grade...maybe 8th.
Ah man, so there's a late-night breakfast tonight at 9:30 and I'm going with Sarah Beck. And I laugh now every time I think of her because Friday night she and Becky stopped by. When they saw my orange-ish carpet (which I hate...it's so dirty!)....
Sarah: Wow, you could start a fire with that carpet!
Becky: Or a disco...
Sarah: Disco inferno!
:-) That's amazing. How do they come up with stuff like that? Anyway, maybe you had to be there but I appreciate the play on words. I'm going to see if I can find something I can put on it and then vacuum it out. Because when I'm not wearing shoes, the bottoms of my socks get black. Yeah. Just a lot of dust mostly I think. Sometimes when I hit it I can see it rising. Good thing I don't have bad allergies.


Menard said...

i'm sorry you're not feeling well
:( that is absolutely terrible...i hate being sick. but i am absolutely excited about baking cookies! and watching the office! please get better.

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