07 December 2007

dead week's done

I'm done with classes this semester. Yay. This weekend and early next week will be dedicated to studying and working four shifts. I'm pretty excited about being done with Spanish. Unfortunately the final is 15% of our grade and I'm sitting at a 90% in the class. But after Thursday night, I'm never looking back.

My biochem class is "finishing the fermentation lab" tonight at my professor's house. In other words, they are getting together and drinking the four gallons of beer we made in class. I hope it's gross. I'm not going. 1) I'm only 19 and 2) I don't drink. I just took a nap, but I'm not in the mood to do any studying tonight.

I am officially no longer a part of the University Honors Program. I had to e-mail then so they'd take me off the list. I got an e-mail back saying to let them know if there was an honor's course I wanted to take. That's nice.


Jeremy said...

I'm really proud of your decision not to go drinking. I think it's amazing.

menard said...

You should put dye in the beer so it looks all weird. That would show them! :P

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