14 December 2007

December Disistance

Last day. It's hard to imagine I'll be spending an entire month at home, and I won't even be working. It kind of makes me feel like a bum; I am sure boredom is inevitable. Fortunately I have my "Cookie Chaos" party next Thursday to look forward to, and I'm considering making a trip to Bolivar. Erica and JR will be going to check out the town of Columbia, MO to see what it's like. JR has a job offer there, and they might end up moving somewhere in between Bolivar and Columbia and spend a year commuting to school/work while Erica is finishing up. It's supposed to snow there; Erica said I could help her build a snowman. That would be incredible.

It feels incredible to be done. I left my Spanish final thinking I might have earned at least a B...but then again, I felt the same way leaving my first test and then my midterm. (I got a C and D on those, respectively.) Anyway, I'm hopeful. Grades will be posted in a week and even if I didn't do as well as I hoped, I'm okay with that. I'm done with Spanish forever, and it's unfortunate this class killed my passion for the language, but I think it'll be okay, too.

Manhattan is supposed to get 3"-5" of snow between today and tomorrow. I'm not sure what time I'll finally leave here, but I don't anticipate the weather will be too horrible for driving.
Oh, and I might be moving to the 9th floor. More on that later.

I put a note up on Facebook of some things I came up with using my magnetic poetry. Check it out.


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