12 December 2007

One Down, One to Go

I'm pretty sure I just aced my Intro. to Music final. Well, not aced. I probably missed a couple. But most definitely an A. 50 questions and there's no way I missed more than five. I wanted to get some Reese's Pieces to reward myself, but all they had in the basement were M&Ms. I like M&Ms, and I had seven dimes in my coat for a time like this. Only the stupid machine wouldn't take one of my dimes! So, I hit the "coin return" button and gave up. Maybe this was a sign I shouldn't spend 70 cents on a bag of M&Ms. Sometimes you can find them have Hoover's for 33, if they're having a 3/$1 special. I can wait.

Walking to McCain gave me my first look at the ice all over campus. It's quite amazing, actually, especially in the dark when the street lights shine through the trees and they look like they're covered in sparkly diamonds. It'd be like a winter wonderland if there weren't so many broken tree limbs everywhere. I stole this picture (see below) off a friend's Facebook to show you some of the ice. It's someone's bike. I was smart enough to throw mine in my trunk the last time I went home, so it's nice and dry in my mom's garage. I don't have anything at all until 7pm tomorrow. I'm off to watch a movie or something.


menard said...

They should definitely try to ride that bike. I hope your spanish final goes well!

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