05 December 2007

Pin a Rose on My Nose

Yay! It's 8:30am and I have finished 7.3 pages of my thoughts on the narrator's identity in William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily." I was in bed by 1am and only spent about an hour on it this morning to finish up. I must say, it's a decent paper. I pulled up my high school paper I wrote on the same topic and was appalled at how awful it was! (Of course at the time I thought otherwise, but it was only three pages long and very vague.) It feels good to have this one done. This was my last assignment for the semester. All I have left now is one exam tonight and three finals next week. Now, I must find time between my five classes today to study for my music exam. Fortunately it's my last class (at 5:30pm). Have a good day; I'll try to update again later.

Wearing big coats makes me want to hug people.

I have no words. My prayers are with the Futrells and everyone in Burlington.


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