30 December 2007

Pork & Plans

Yay for ribs. Mark spent the afternoon trying out his new smoker he got for Christmas. Not all the ribs would fit in it, so he went ahead and put some on the grill (those were the ones I ate--I was too impatient to wait for the others to get done). They were delicious. Messy and delicious, as they should be.

I don't feel so loserish anymore now that I have plans for New Year's Eve: sneaking out to a gravel road with some friends and getting absolutely smashed. Just kidding. Yeah, right. I wouldn't do that. Instead, I'm going over to the Sturgeon's. Much more enjoyable (and memorable) than doing what most kids my age are doing (getting drunk).

Tomorrow I'm donating blood and making cookies, Tuesday my mom and I might go to Wichita to see my grandma since the weather prevented us from doing so before Christmas, Wednesday I think I'll go to the doctors to get a mole removed (my infamous shoulder mole I've had since I was born; it'll be my first experience with stitches. I'm not going to lie: I'm kind of nervous) and Friday I'm going with my mom and her coworkers to a dinner theater in Topeka. Hopefully I'll make a trip to Manhattan before or after Friday. I'd like to get my bike back up there on that trip; I'm not sure it'll fit with all my stuff when I move back.

Moby Dick sucks. Entire chapters are dedicated to Moby Dick's whiteness. I kind of just skipped over it. I know skipping parts makes it hard to say I'm reading the whole book (/listening to it) but man... I read Jane Eyre my senior year and it was long, but much more enjoyable! I finished it in a week.

Is it Jan. 15 yet? I'm ready to be back in Manhattan!


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