22 December 2007

Snowed In

Today's the first day of winter. Could you tell? We were supposed to go to Wichita today to see my grandma, but the roads aren't safe, so we didn't. I-70 between Manhattan and Topeka was shut down today. The guy on TV said there was a 30-car pile-up. Bad deal. I only ventured out with Erica and JR to go to the Rec. JR met up with a lot of the guys there and scrimmaged. Erica and I shot baskets and ran. Then JR and Erica went back to JR's parents' house so he could skin a fox. They are going to hang it on their wall.

I have nothing to talk to Erica about when she comes home. "Erica, did I tell you about my new roommate? Did I tell you about my Spanish final?" "No," she says, "I read about it in your blog." It's hard to make conversation when someone already knows about the things you had planned on talking about. She dropped off three more textbooks for me to sell online. I already sold one tonight for $59.95; but Amazon.com keeps some commission and I have to pay to ship it, so it'll be about $50 she'll make off a book she probably spent $100 on. It's better than nothing, though. Books won't make you any money if they are just sitting on a shelf.

I'm not making much progress in Moby Dick. I found the audio recording of the book online, so I had to listen to chapter 16 to get through it; it was really long and not so exciting. I need to get through chapter 25 tonight to be on track. I'll probably listen to them; you'd think just reading it would be faster, and normally it would be, but I keep getting distracted. Audio keeps progressing even when my mind doesn't want to.

I had a dream last night that I was somewhere (I didn't recognize it) with my family. And I got frustrated and just backed up all of my things and said, "I'm going back to Manhattan!" I miss Manhattan. I wish I could go back. I don't mind the long break, and I like seeing my family, but I'd like to see my family for a short time and then go be in Manhattan. The halls don't open back up until January 15, though. Boo.

The winds are still blowing hard. Our garage is on the north side of the house. I hope I'm not fighting a four-foot snow drift to get my car out of the garage in the morning.


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