25 December 2007

Sounds of the Season

Merry Christmas!

I'm exhausted and don't have much to say. I spent a few hours in the car traveling to my grandparents' house. Anyway, I've been running into a lot of really good songs lately. Thought I'd share. Here's my "Top 10" of what I've heard recently. Some of these songs have been around for awhile, some are new.

(In no particular order)

1. Wonderwall - Oasis
2. All She Wrote - Ross Copperman
3. Never Let Go - David Crowder Band
4. The Beauty of Grace - Krystal Meyers
5. Jesus Hurry - Rush of Fools (sounds like Jason Waller)
6. Praise and Adore - Wavorly
7. Grace - Phil Wickham
8. All the Same - Sick Puppies
9. Become - Goo Goo Dolls
10. Hear You Me - Jimmy Eat World


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