02 December 2007

Things that begin with the letter "C"

The dryers (and probably the washers, I didn't check) in the basement of Moore Hall are older than I am. A printed date in the metal tags says "1986." They are rickety old off-white Whirlpools. 30 min. to wash, 45 to dry. And usually another 45 when you realize the dryer you put your clothes in is one of the ones that doesn't heat up. After almost an hour, you return to find your clothes still wet. And you just lost your quarter. Surely these things can't be effective when it comes to saving energy and reducing utility costs. How is it that the very thing students use most (next to bathrooms and dining centers) has been neglected for more than 20 years? It's time for an update. Someone should put in a little research, talk to Whirlpool or Maytag or whoever makes utility laundry machines, and write up a proposal to the Housing and Dining services explaining why new machines would save both the university and the students time and money. (I'd do it, but I don't have a lot of time. And I'll be out of here sooner than later.) So someone should read this and feel inspired to take action. Good luck with that.

I watched Geoff play basketball last night. Cornell lost to Colgate by three: 73-76. My dad and Karen were in New York visiting him, so they actually went to the game. So, I logged on my dad's Big Red account to watch the game live on the Internet. Geoff got a big dunk in the first half. Here's the link to the story if you want to read more: Cornell v. Colgate.

The white top I ordered from JCPenney got here yesterday. For some reason it got delivered to Ford, so I had to go over there to pick it up. The girl working couldn't find it, but she finally did. I like it; it's a little big (I got the tall size, for length) but I washed it hot this morning; I think it'll work. I have to wear it for working the Christmas dinner Thursday with black pants.

Well, I actually have things to get done today (and will, of course, find time for a nap...I didn't sleep well last night) so I'll wrap this up. Yay for only one week of classes left.


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