25 January 2008

drowsy day

I'm going for a short post today. I'm exhausted. I went to the library between classes and fell asleep on a big couch/chair. I'd get into bed now if I didn't have to work this evening.

So, here at K-State there are chimes every hour, on the hour (at least during the day -- I don't think so at night). So I was surprised to hear chimes at ten-till 3pm. They were playing "Amazing Grace." I thought it was cool.

That's all for now. I'm working as a kitchen runner at work -- something I have very little experience doing -- so if I feel inspired (or frustrated) by that, I'll probably come back and write some more.
So, I was supposed to be kitchen runner, and I got moved to E/F checker. Woot. I checked the schedule for next week and I'm checking on C/D Monday, Tuesday, and Friday nights. Good deal. The biggest reason I like checking isn't because I hate serving (I don't mind it), it's that I don't have to use 15 bobby pins and two hair ties to keep my hair up above my shoulders.

Anyway, work did inspire me to write more. One of our managers, Kevin, comes by the checker's stand every 15 minutes to get a count and today he said, "Why are you always smiling?" I came up with (an answer I now hate), "I don't know." "Did you grow up in a church?" he asked. "Yeah," I said. "I think that has something to do with it," he replied.

"I don't know," !?!? That's a lame answer. Anyway, it got me thinking that that's the kind of person I want to be -- the kind where people who are around you just know there's something different. So when they ask why I always smile (I don't always smile, but I do a lot at work because I try to be personable with the customers...some people think Derb employees are mad at the world..I'm out to prove them wrong), I want to be able to come up with something better to say like, "Why do I always smile? Because I'm totally in love with this awesome guy. His name is Jesus. Ever heard of him?"

Anyway, since I decided to go do laundry this morning instead of going to the Rec, I'm going to head over there now. It's usually not too busy on Friday nights. Oh, and some other things I figured out today: 1) working at the Derb makes me really thirsty. 2) Wrigley's makes some really good Orbit gum called Raspberry Mint. I thought I'd try it, and I am pleased.
Yay! I just played six games (to 15, ones and twos) of pick-up 4-on-4 basketball with a bunch of guys at the Rec. Of course I kind of feel like I kind of have to prove myself when I play with a bunch of guys, but I didn't do too shabby. And they were nice (as they usually are) when I missed or made shots. A lot more guys showed up and we shot three-pointers (whichever 8 out of the 10 of us made it got to play). I was the third to make it. Anyway, it was only half court so I wasn't too winded, but the adrenaline was definitely going. I did get a pretty big blister on my foot which is a bad deal. Anyway, I'm excited. I think I might make every Friday night Rec night. Then I have a free morning to get my laundry done. :-)


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