28 January 2008

mənde + fonεtIks

My first actual Monday of going to class. Actually, my Geography of the US class was canceled because our professor was feeling sick. So, I only had my 11:30 and I worked dinner. I got some homework done, but unfortunately I still don't have all my personal finance assignment done, so that will be on the agenda for tonight. Also, I'm learning the phonetic alphabet for Development of the English language. It's kind of like learning another language and it all has to be memorized:

[b] is pronounced like in bub. It is a voiced lateral stop.
[ç] is pronounced like in hue. It is a voiceless palatal fricative.

Then, we also have to know them backwards.

A palatal semivowel is [y] like in ye.
A voiceless glottal fricative is [h] like in hoe.

So, that isn't making my list of the top 100 fun things to do. Sounds like a good Go-sit-at-Radina's-for-a-couple-of-hours-and-study-your-flashcards kind of thing. I like going to Radina's, but I don't like the coffee smell staying in my clothes forever afterward. I only do laundry once a week and I only have three pairs of jeans. You do the math.

Intramural basketball starts up for me Thursday night at 10pm. I'll have to leave Navs a little early to make it on time; we don't have a ton of people playing I think. I'm excited though. Our Thursday team is co-rec and then on Mondays at 9pm I play on a girls' team. My blisters are getting to be more tolerable.

I wrote for pages and pages yesterday on my computer and in my notebook. So I feel out of good words today. And my book idea is slightly overwhelming; where do I start? What do I include? What do I leave out? How do I organize it? I need a little direction/inspiration.


Jeremy said...

Hmm, "Triplets are better than twins," huh? I think I resent that, lol.

alyssareeves said...

haha don't be jealous. ;-)

Alicia said...

Tradition Spanish refran: Primero se vive, luego se escribe.

menard said...

wow, phonetic language sounds...mind boggling!
i absolutely HATE the smell of coffee, and i'm extremely lucky to have parents that happen to love coffee and make 32948230498 pots a day. (so that was a SLIGHT exaggeration.)
i'm glad the blisters are getting better!
and about the book...just start writing...you can organize it later :D haha

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