06 January 2008

Soundtrack of My Life

BEAUTIFUL weather today. Shorts and T-shirt weather. I jumped on my bike and rode around for half an hour. Would have ridden longer but my mp3 player battery died and my windpants were sticking to my legs. Have you tried riding solo without music? Boring. The wind in my ears isn't enough motivation to keep going. I need that good, steady rhythm of a bass and an upbeat melody. You know, so I can pretend like the world, my life, actually comes accompanied with its own soundtrack and I can pedal in perfect beats.

Cornell faces Duke today at 4:30pm (Central Time) on Fox Sports Network (FSN). If Cornell beats out the Ivy League to earn a spot in the NCAA tournament, bracketology predicts they'd face Duke in the first round.

Woo! Good game for Cornell. They stayed with Duke and only in a few instances got down by about 10 points. With a couple minutes left, Cornell's coach put in the players who hadn't gotten to play and accept a 14-point defeat, but a good one against a #9-ranked team. Duke has now won 21 consecutive games against Ivy League schools. Cornell did well and Geoff got to play!


menard said...

the weather is absolutely crazy. i only wish track season could have this nice of 70 degree weather. it's a pity spring is horrible!

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