24 January 2008

Thursday Thoughts

I meant to write yesterday, but I've been busy! I've got a few minutes before I head off to class, so I thought I'd start my post for today. (I'll probably come back and add more this evening.)

Yesterday I got up and went to the Rec. It was cold and I had to scrape my windows, but it'll be nice getting into the routine of going in the mornings. With no classes until 11:30am, I have plenty of time. In the afternoon I met my friend Reiko (she's Japanese) at Radina's. Actually, I went in and didn't see her, so I ordered a hot chocolate and waited. I finished my hot chocolate 15 minutes later. I figured she forgot, so I went to put my mug up and was going to leave, but she had been sitting in the very back of the place and finally saw me. She thought I had forgotten. So we chatted for a bit. I talked her into working Feb. 12 dinner for me (her birthday present to me, I said) and she brought me a gift, too: a mug. :-) She always says she thinks our relationship is weird because we know each other because we work together. I don't think it's weird; I told her a lot of my friends are my friends because I met them at work.

Last night was also my first Intro. to Shakespeare class. It's a three-hour Wednesday night class. I thought I would hate it, but I don't. Our professor, Don Hedrick, seems like a really cool guy and even though we were there the whole three hours, it went quickly. We spent an hour of it watching Shakespeare in Love. Good movie. Funny.

We are reading a lot of plays, but fortunately we have a week between each class to get them done. And...I got on the Kansas Library site and downloaded the audio versions of our first assignments: A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet. So you bet I'll get that stuff read on time...err, I mean listened to on time. :-) Yay. We also have to go see K-State's production of Romeo and Juliet at the end of April/beginning of May. Jessica said she'd go with me because she can get extra credit in one of her classes.

In my American Survey I class, I had a lot of reading to do for today. And well, I didn't get it done. Oops. Not oops; I purposely gave up. I only got through probably 1/10 of the reading and it took me forever. I could have stayed up all night and I don't think I would have gotten it done. Fortunately, no quiz during class. And...I even participated! Prof. Hall asked what we look at when reading literature and besides the answers of plot and characters, etc. I said sometimes we look at the author's biographical information because sometimes that influences how they write and the topics they choose.

Anyway, I think I'm good as far as homework until this weekend. Friday night I'm a kitchen runner for dinner which always feels like "we don't really know what to do with you, so you're a kitchen runner" so I feel in the way and never know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

Kristin told me today when our basketball teams are playing: Monday at 9pm (Girls) and Thursdays at 10pm (Co-rec). I'm excited, even though I'm going to die from not being in shape. I love the game though, so I'm hoping the adrenaline will get me through until I can get back into the swing of it.


JR said...

I hear you on being out of shape with intramural games starting this next week. My first game is on Thursday and I too am counting on adrenaline... well that and subs from the bench.

menard said...

YAAAY. i hadn't checked if you'd written anything for a while. i'm glad you like your shakespeare class. right now we're reading macbeth in english...it's umm...neat i guess.

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