22 January 2008

Zanks for Noticing

I have a growing love for international students amid them finding logic behind purchasing a $7 with a $100 bill (I asked for smaller; he borrowed from his friend), learning new English words and tastes (today it was 'apron' and in the past it was 'bologna'), difficult pronunciations ("thanks" comes out as "zanks"), and innocent mistakes (coming to eat 15 min. after we close; he says, "Please," and I direct him to Dashers).

There's a civil service worker at the Derb (I think she's Korean) who noticed the black eye I had last spring when I caught a girl's elbow with my face. It only lasted a few days, but she'd ask me about it for the rest of the month. Today, thanks to my skin's still-proneness to adolescent tendencies, I started getting a zit on my forehead. (Seriously though, it just looks like a tiny scab.) And, despite honest attempts at covering it up with a touch of concealer, I'm sure I blushed when she said, "What happened to your forehead? Did you get hit again?" I smiled and just said, "No, I didn't."

Oh, my. Good day, though despite extremely piercing coldness as I went to my classes. I have way too much reading to do before Thursday. I've definitely got my work cut out for me tomorrow. And...I finally got a date set to go to Kansas City to see Lu (Feb. 9-10). I'm really really excited about it.


JR said...

I like the title. It's a good blend of the whole post.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I have also been teaching the internationals new words. Yesterday I taught someone the word apron as well, it was Boyu - so if it was him that you had to teach aprons to then maybe I'm not a good teacher, lol.

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