28 February 2008

God Provides.

Well, it's been forever since I've written any poems, but this was the only thing I could find to do that would keep me awake during American Survey I. I seriously hate this class, which is discouraging considering I have to take three survey courses. I'm hoping it's a professor problem and not a curriculum problem. Anyway, this is what I came up with as I watched the minutes pass on the clock. I was kind of going for a pattern: line 1) adjectives + noun + verb; line 2) prepositional phrase; line 3) "-ing" words (aka gerunds) line 4) God provides.

A chubby brown squirrel skitters
across thawing ground
forgetting, wanting, searching
God provides.
A mother robin soars
beneath a sky of blue
scanning, hoping, swooping
God provides.
A stressed-out student struggles
concerning mounting bills
worrying, budgeting, saving
God provides.
An exhausted parent sleeps
among tiny socks and shirts
laboring, working, cleaning
God provides.
A sinful people suffer
but Christ the King has paid
bleeding, loving, saving
God provides.

that's it. this poem was totally inspired by a squirrel I saw running around outside form the window of EH016. It was cute.

By the way, did I mention I have American Survey I? Our syllabus said to read The Coquette and gave some pages numbers then said, (i.e., to Letter XI). So, I read to Letter XI. It was about 15 pages and I barely found time to do it between class on Tuesday and class on Thursday. Well, apparently there are two "Letter XI"s. A closer look at the syllabus showed I should have read 50 pages yesterday (how?) and now I have to finish it this weekend (about 100 pages). (How?) I'm going home, so that's a four-hour drive, round trip. Also, I'm going to Emporia, and that's a two-hour trip. So I'll be in the car for six hours while trying to do a prompt for that class (three pages?), finishing that reading, doing a scene paraphrase for Shakespeare, reading five chapters in my finance book, one chapter in my English history book, and spending a little bit of time with my family. Oh yeah, and I didn't read my last American Survey assignment, which I probably should since it'll probably be covered on the midterm. I'm feeling a little....stressed. Yes, that's the word. Stressed and angry at my teacher for assuming I don't have a life outside of those three hours a week I sit in his class. If this class were not required, I would have dropped it in a heartbeat. It kind of makes me want to scream. I think that would make me feel better. We have a basketball game tonight. Maybe all this frustration building up will be good and I'll just run really fast and be aggressive to get it all out. I'm wearing my yellow Woodstock T-shirt today. Yay for peanuts. Thanks for the word, Charlie Brown: "AAaaaarrgghh!"


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