04 February 2008

it's monday.

I got my hair cut today. No length taken off, but layers, which is good because now I feel more comfortable wearing my hair down. I'd take a picture and post it, but my batteries in my camera died. I think my mom got me some rechargeable batteries and a charger for my birthday, but I promised her I wouldn't open my present for another week. Anyway, I went to the American Academy of Hair because Melanie Dlabal (who was a student supervisor my first year at the Derb) cuts hair there now and I trusted her to do something great more than I'd trust the ladies at Great Clips. I felt kind of dumb when I called to set up an appointment because I still don't know how exactly I should pronounce her last name. I pronounced the "l" as though it was silent. Anyway, the receptionist knew who I was talking about. I love getting my hair cut because they wash it with really expensive shampoo and it's all soft afterward. I put it up in a ponytail for work and it looks really short! But when it's down, there's really not that much length off. It's pretty blunt up, so I'm hoping I can get used to it.

It's B-E-A-Utiful outside today. The high is 57 and it's like 52 right now. Amazing. Tomorrow? Well, let's not talk about tomorrow. Yay for sunshine. The beams spread out across my bed and it makes me want to take a nap. But I have homework to do so I don't have to worry about much homework this weekend. I'm going to KC to visit Lu and I'm way more excited about that than a million naps.

Something is going around campus. This last week people have been coughing and being icky and everything. I'm doing my best not to get it. I've been taking Zicam, which is supposed to prevent colds, and Sunday morning I woke up with a sore throat. So I finished off my Zicam, bought some more and also got a cough suppressant/expectorant (similar to Robitussin, which tastes gross by the way). I've also got Tylenol Cold medicine, and the comparisons to DayQuill and Nyquill, all three of the preceeding which I've found to make me feel queasy and I've decided to not take. There's always acetaminophen and ibuprofen and I've probably got enough pills to set up my own little pharmacy in my dorm.

Will Farrell is coming here tonight. It's sold out (7,000 tickets) and I'm not going, but it's okay because our Derb girls' team (Megamen) has a game tonight provided the other team doesn't forfeit because they're all going to see Will Farrell. Saturday night I saw the first half of Reign Over Me (pretty good; I fell asleep but it was because it was late, not because the movie was boring). Then we watched most of the Superbowl. We got bored by the end of the 3rd quarter so I went home and Jess went to hang out with the Smurth girls. I watched the live stats online to see who won.

I have to keep track of all the money I spend this month for my Intro. to Personal and Family Finance class. I usually keep track, but now I hate it because I realize I am spending a lot of money (even though eventually I will get a paycheck and my dad will reimburse me for certain items). Well, have a great rest of your Monday.


jr said...

For some reason I think your guess for your birthday present is accurate...but we also promised not to open it until the 12th.

I refuse to take anything for colds or the flu unless I'm completely miserable. I think most of the medicine eventually weakens your own immune system. I haven't really been sick enough to miss school or work since Middle School as far as I can remember though. It must be all of the junk food I eat that fights off the bad stuff Erica can vouch for my excellent eating habits. She is very encouraging when I say I'm going to go work out. When I have my shirt off she'll say something like, "I don't remember that being there when I said 'I do'", while pointing at my stomach. I don't think she's talking about my 6 pack. I've been working on hiding it for the last six months.

menard said...

i love hair cuts :] they make me happy. i got a good amount cut off recently.
yesterday WAS amazing :D i went for a run outside because i couldn't handle running inside when it was about 60 out. however, i underestimated the wind, and it was unpleasant for a while.
i hope your trip to lu's was amazing!

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