07 February 2008

Mixed Veggie Taco

Since I've been in college, I've had my first experience with black beans. Very good. Lately I've noticed they put them on the salad bar at the Derb so I put them in my salads and extra in my tacos, as the case was today. Today for lunch they had some kind of corn with black beans tacos. That's what I got. The tortilla was out flat on the plate with a scoop of corn/beans on it. I asked for mixed vegetables as well. The server put them in my taco. I don't like lima beans, green beans, and carrots in my taco. I spooned them out. It made me laugh though. Who does that? Hee hee.

Yay for not-so-empty bank accounts. I took my scholarship check to the bank and deposited it. Tomorrow is pay day. Next week I have a test in my Into. to Personal and Family Finance class. We had some review today, and I didn't do so well. I better study.

The girl working at the bank was really nice to me. I appreciate that. I want to make that one of my goals for my next year of life: be the nice one, especially to people who look like they could use some niceness. Also, use people's names. People say, "Hey, Alyssa," and I say, "Hey," but people like it when other people say their name. Sometimes I don't remember names very well, but I want to work on that. Anyway, more goals to come. I still have a few days to think on them.

Anyway, I have five hours before my basketball game so I need to get some homework done. I've been soooo unmotivated lately! My bed looks so inviting... :0)
Words from my desk in JU253: "Call no man fortunate who is not dead, for the dead are free of pain. -Socrates" Wow. That's depressing. Someone should go around to desks/walls of classrooms and write down what they say and put them in a book.
A good song I'm listening to: Set the World On Fire - Britt Nicole
We have a beautiful view of the sunset up here on the 9th floor. Once I get batteries for my camera, I'll take a picture of it. Not the actual sun, but the sky in every color. And the birds fly at this height: soaring black silhouettes against the soft pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues.


Erica said...

Britt Nicole - I saw her in concert last November with NewSong and Todd Agnue. She is great!

menard said...

eww that taco sounds weird! you're a silly goose.
your view sounds AMAZING :] i hope i don't get stuck with a view of some other building :(

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