08 February 2008

Tricks of the Trade

My geography professor told us not to do this. Funny, I had never heard of it before:

To make a paper long, students will Ctrl+F to find the periods in their paper. Then, they will change them from size 12 font to size 14. It makes a difference on longer papers, I guess and not so much on shorter ones. I found this hilarious. Who comes up with that?! Jess and I tried it out. It really works. If you use Ctrl + F and then click the replace tab and then put a period in both spaces and then down below there's a button you can push to drop down for more options and it says "Replace Format" and you click it and then go to Font and change the size. We tried changing all the periods to size 72 so we could tell the difference. It really worked, and made 79 replacements. We didn't really look to see how much the length changed, but I still think it's a novel idea.

I've been thinking lately, and I feel like I'm at this point in my life where things are good. I don't really want to be content with things, you know? I mean I just feel like I should always be striving for something better, but right now, I'm really happy with being here at K-State and loving intramural basketball and my roommate and am fond of my job and my schedule and my friends. It's a good feeling, and I think I'm just realizing it because I'm thinking about next year and how things will change when friends graduate and move away, and I'm not going to be as comfortable as I am right now.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a weekend in KC with Lu. So don't freak out if I don't update for the next day or two. I'm not dead -- just enjoying a mini-getaway.

Well, I have a hot date tonight with this black guy named Othello...ever heard of him? He's kind of a jerk. Thank you Shakespeare for occupying my Friday night.


menard said...

HAHA that is sooo funny. Kind of weird that your professor actually told you that.
I think YOU see Lu more than I do :(

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