07 February 2008

Spring Break?

I want to do this. And since I don't have any plans for Spring Break...why not then?

March 17 ($25)
7:30am - Depart from Kansas City on an Amtrack Train (Snack car/reserved coach seat).
Travel for 5h 40 min.

1:10pm - Arrive in St. Louis, MO.

March 20 ($25)
4:00pm - Depart St. Louis, MO.
Travel for 5h 40min.

9:40pm - Arrive in Kansas City, MO.

I'm not sure what I would do in St. Louis. I've been to the arch, but I'm sure there's a lot to do other than that. It'd be three nights: the night of the 17, 18, and 19. That'd be expensive to stay in a hotel unless it was a cheaper one. There are hotels near Union Station in STL. The cheapest I could find was $81/night. I suppose I could just stay two nights or something, or even one... And if people went with me, it'd be a little more expensive per room but then we'd split the costs. I think $25 for one-way on Amtrak is a pretty good deal. There'd also be the cost of gas to and from KC, food for four days, and any touristy stuff we'd go to.

So...possibly: 50 (train) + 60 (food for four days) + 30 (tank of gas to/from KC) + 82*3 (three nights with a non-smoking queen bed) = $386 plus the cost of whatever we do while we're there.

Put say one other person went with me. That'd split some costs to 50 + 60 + 15 + 123 = $248/each plus whatever we do. We could walk every where. The hotel is within walking distance of the station. It'll be mid-March, so probably not too cold. And we could have fun on a budget. I'd enjoy just getting away and spending time in a park or free museums or something and reading or just hanging out. Between my recent scholarship check and birthday money and the fact that I haven't been on a vacation trip in about five years, I think I could swing this.

Yay. I hope I can find someone who wants to go. It'd be fun. The hotel is even a Holiday Inn Express. Not too shabby. Free wireless internet. Free breakfast. Within five miles of most of downtown (I wouldn't mind a nice five-mile walk in the morning and then back in the evenings. We could walk it in an hour). Anyway, I'm putting off my Edward Taylor essay for this. Basketball in an hour. I'll head out soon for that, too.


jr said...

That sounds like a fun trip. I've only been to St Louis once, and it was a few months ago for a marriage conference. We stayed at the hotel at union station. We didn't have much time to go sight seeing, so I'd like to go back some time.

Jeremy said...

Yeah, that sounds great. I hope you find someone to go with!

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