19 February 2008

twos day

Icky Tuesdays. I work two shifts on Tuesdays. I'm not sure what I was thinking. Breakfast was good -- I was kind of all over the place: serving C/D, serving Dashers, beverage running, accepting a semi-supervisor role from Bud, checking for Marcell...four semester at the Derb and I pretty much know my way around the place. Dinner wasn't so fun, mostly just the clean-up part. It wasn't horrible, but I think the international student tipping a mop bucket over in the mop room and I had to show her how to mop up all the water with mops because there isn't a drain kind of made me frustrated, but I understand. She didn't know what she was doing. I've done that before myself. :-) But maybe I was frustrated with supervisors who are really good and telling people what to do and really bad at doing things themselves. Sometimes they are also good at looking busy, but by their slow, meandering walk, I can tell they are just faking. And I want to say, "Hey! What are you doing that is earning you $0.25 more per hour than me?" That's not nice. I think a lot of people get angry with coworkers. Sad story. I will try to be nice anyway.

Well, I have stuff to do. I've been so tired today. I think I'll sleep in tomorrow. Coming home from work was good. Jessica makes me smile. I wish time would slow down so she doesn't have to graduate in three months.


menard said...

I can't really get angry with my coworkers....my boss is my dad :S

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