21 February 2008

Wrap Up

Yay for it being almost Friday. Boo for me being wide awake at eight 'til midnight.

Our co-rec team played tonight and lost. I was sucking air pretty bad. Probably ought to get to the Rec a few more times during the week. I held up my end on scoring, but probably not if you subtract from that all the points I allowed. Eh. We got our team T-shirts tonight. Apparently Mega-men is a cartoon character. They're red and have our names and number on the back. I'm Reeves, 10. Not sure why I picked 10, since 20 was always my number, but when we didn't have T-shirts and had to wear the Rec's jerseys, I consistently pulled 10 out of the pile. I gave Kristin a check for the shirt. In that cute little "for:" line on my check.... "Your Friendship." ;-)

I miss her. A year ago I was spending hours in the library taking crap from her and dodging her flying highlighters. Now it's an hour at the Derb twice a week and temporarily, an hour at the Rec twice a week. All in other-focused settings, not really hanging out but working -- over hot food or on the court. I wish it was my birthday again so I could share a chair with her at Coldstone and watch my ice cream melt and have random conversation surrounded by a dozen other people but not even noticing them. Good time. That moment made my heart smile.

Work this morning was all right. I don't mind being down at Dasher's too much. I don't get so hot as I do on Classics, and my chances of burning my fingers/hands drop significantly. Plus it's sweet having someone new down there because I'm not abandoning the line when I go all over the place getting stuff we need. It was my turn to clean up (Calvin went last week; I didn't mind sending him every week -- I was cleaning every week before he even worked here) ;-) and it went pretty quickly. I was taking utensils downstairs on the elevator when I noticed Pam (civil service lady) frantically working at Dashers alone. I knew Calvin left at 10am...strange that the supervisors were all helping clean instead of helping Pam. I figured I'd go down there as soon as I got back upstairs, but as soon as I did, I saw some plates and trays needing pushed up to the line, so I did that first. Dashers didn't look busy then. When I got up there, Bud asked me who was at Dashers. I told him no one, just Pam. I moved the plates to their spot and I heard Austin say I was supposed to be down there. "Alyssa's supposed to what?" I asked. "Calvin was supposed to come get you at 10." "Well he didn't; Pam's down there by herself." "It's all your fault." I know they're joking, but once Austin says it, Bud and Kristin decide to join in. I'm not exactly thrilled that Calvin didn't come find me, and I just head down to Dashers. Pam isn't too thrilled that she was alone. I pick up a couple sandwich orders and try swiping cards and re-gloving my hands before people have to wait too long. Kristin and Bud came down and I got to leave. Yay for that. Sometimes I have a hard time handling their joking. I understand it's joking; I know this and I don't mind, but I also think it'd be nice if every once in awhile, maybe once for every three jokes, I heard a "Hey, you're doing a good job," or, "Thanks for doing that without being asked." You know, just so I don't start to hate the Derb.

I'm giving up Reese's pieces for good. They're awful for me and I can't stop and I'm hating what they're doing to my body. I'm going to convince myself I simply don't like them. This worked well with brownies and cake. I used to eat them all the time but I decided that every time I was offered either, I'd say, "No thanks; I'm not a big fan." And now, I will not eat brownies or cake. I'd like to try this with junk food. I've been doing well with ice cream. I eat a little bowl of yogurt at the end of lunch and dinner and just pretend it's my dessert. I should switch to raisins instead of Reese's pieces. And grapes instead of Whoppers. Tic-tacs instead of M&Ms. I don't know. Sometimes I come back from class in the afternoon and just crave these things. Maybe I should nap instead. They aren't good for my teeth either. I'm pulling out my whitestrips, when I could have my $20 I pay for them and just stop drinking tea/hot chocolate and eating chocolate stuff.

I've been reading some of Philippians today for my Bible study. I'll put up some thoughts and commentary on that tomorrow. I'm getting sleepy and I told myself I'd study tonight. Jess is over at the ATM because Smurthwaite is having a 5:30am breakfast. I'm not a fan of being roommate-less (which I'll have to get over next year too), but it's nice of her to not wake me so early when she has to get up. She came to my game tonight with Andrew K. and Tim Clauson. It means a lot. They cheered loudly when I scored which made me smile.

Oh yeah, and I've decided to go to STP for sure. I mentioned it to my mom; I don't think I did a great job explaining it, and I haven't talked to my dad about it yet. The application is due March 1, so I have to get on that this weekend. Keira says she is most likely going too and there are some girls in her Bible study going who I kind of know, so that's cool. I'm excited. I met Keira at Radina's today and it was great. We talked for almost two hours. She's so easy to talk to.

Good night. More tomorrow (specifically on Philippians). I have a test at 1:30 in my Geography of the US class. It might be a late night.


Jeremy said...

Yeah, breakfast yesterday did have have it's down moments. But, all I ever hear is good things about you, so even if people don't say it, they know you do an amazing job too!

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