15 March 2008

hardboiled integrity

Ever wonder what "harboiled integrity" means? It was actually the title I picked for the "Soundtrack of My Life" project I did my junior year of high school. We had to pick out songs that described our lives and design a CD cover and everything. I looked up the words "tough" and "truth" in the thesaurus. "Tough" because things hadn't always been a cake walk, and "truth" because the CD was based on facts.

As the years have passed, "truth" has become "Truth" as I've begun to understand more and more about the incredibleness of our Creator and the promises He has made. It's my goal with Hardboiled Integrity to present the tough truths that have affected me in so many ways -- truths written down in the Bible. Even the ones that are tough for people to believe or accept. Because that's how life (even Christian life) is: tough, yet full of light where there was once darkness, hope where there was none, peace where there was unrest, and truth where lies destroyed dreams and crushed a broken people.

Psalm 119:160
All your words are true; all your righteous laws are eternal.

Note: I've just been messing around in the Facebook application Picnik to design some of these titles. They're all available for viewing on the Hardboiled Integrity Facebook page (see right sidebar link). New ones will be added there periodically.


menard said...

i like all the pictures :]

and i like that verse :]

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